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Physical Exams

From birth to early adulthood, it’s important to have a pediatrician oversee your child’s growth to ensure that they meet important developmental milestones. Dr. Sean Flynn, the pediatrician at Step by Step Pediatrics, PC, in Bloomfield, New Jersey, believes that building steady relationships with his young patients allows him to successfully monitor their health, making sure they get the healthiest possible start in life.

Physical Exams Q & A

How often should my child have a physical exam?

You should start taking your child regularly to Dr. Flynn for check-ups as soon as he or she is born. During your child’s first two years, more visits may be necessary for vaccinations, but after the age of two, Dr. Flynn recommends an annual check-up to track your child’s health and development.

The number of visits you should make will depend on whether or not your child has any current conditions that bear a more watchful eye. Dr. Flynn will provide you with a recommended schedule based on your child’s health and history.

What are the benefits of a physical exam for my child?

Regular check-ups and wellness visits to the pediatrician are invaluable in tracking your child’s development, ensuring that they meet certain milestones, and catching issues before they become major problems.

Children develop quickly as they transition from newborns to toddlers, to teens, and into adults. During this time, Dr. Flynn tracks your child’s growth, making sure they're on target. Annual physical exams are also important in helping you understand the steps you can take to prevent medical problems, and promote healthy growth.

As a family doctor, Dr. Flynn also understands the risks that your child may face thanks to genetics and medical history, and he’s able to watch out for warning signs and take steps to prevent minor issues from becoming more complicated medical problems.

What is performed at a physical exam?

At your child’s annual check-up, Dr. Flynn checks the following:

  • Physical appearance
  • Height and weight
  • Motor skills and cognitive function
  • Hearing and eyesight
  • Reflexes
  • Blood and urine
  • Blood pressure and heart rate
  • Body temperature

The information collected annually at a physical exam provides a valuable medical history that allows Dr. Flynn to treat any issues that may arise effectively.

What other exams are performed at Step by Step Pediatrics?

In addition to annual physical exams, Dr. Flynn offers general physicals for school forms, as well as sports participation exams. More sports programs and schools are requiring that kids provide proof of a medical exam to ensure the child’s safety and wellness, as well as the safety of others. Dr. Flynn can assist you in getting the required information and forms promptly.

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Words from our patients

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    "I appreciate Dr. Flynn & the time that he dedicates to each and every one of his patients. I am thankful to be able to find a male physician that my boys can relate to!"

    Lisa B.
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    "Dr Flynn is amazing! His receptionist/medical assistant is very nice and professional. The visits are always a breath of fresh air. He is very patient and calm."

    Sydney G.
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    "My three children are patients of Dr. Flynn and I am very with happy with his practice. He is very professional and has a very calm demeanor with the kids."

    April H.
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    "I love taking my children to see Dr. Flynn. He's a wonderful pediatrician. Always calls right back for emergency phone calls left with operator."

    Maria B.
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