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Children can become understandably squeamish when it comes to needles and drawing blood. Dr. Sean Flynn, the pediatrician at Step by Step Pediatrics, PC, understands this, which is why he offers blood work services in the comfort of his Bloomfield, New Jersey, practice. Dr. Flynn believes in providing a safe and familiar setting that will help lower your child’s anxiety levels, making drawing blood a far less scary experience.

Blood Work Q & A

Does Step by Step Pediatrics perform blood tests?

Dr. Flynn is equipped to draw blood at his practice to provide you with the peace of mind of having the work done in a safe and comfortable environment. If your child is afraid of needles, he or she isn’t alone, which is why Dr. Flynn is passionate about drawing the blood himself, rather than sending your child to an unfamiliar lab with impersonal service.

After drawing the blood, Dr. Flynn sends the blood out to a lab to perform the necessary tests. Once the results are in, he goes over them with you in his office.

Why are blood tests necessary?

Blood can reveal a lot about the function of your child’s body. A typical blood test checks the following:

  • Organ function: Blood tests evaluate how well your child’s organs are functioning, namely the liver, kidneys, thyroid, and heart
  • Disease detection: Blood analysis can detect diseases and conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, or anemia
  • Blood clotting: Blood samples are tested for normal clotting
  • Medication check: If your child is taking medication, blood samples will reveal how well those medications are working

Depending on your child’s medical history, Dr. Flynn may conduct more analyses on your child’s blood that check for allergies, chronic conditions, and genetic risk factors. He will also make sure you understand the tests beforehand.

Are blood draws safe?

By and large, blood draws usually don’t present any serious risks, but your child may experience some mild discomfort, bruising, or minor bleeding at the site of the withdrawal, which usually resolve themselves within a day or two.

Is there anything my child needs to do in advance?

There is nothing you should do in advance of having blood drawn for routine blood work. If, however, Dr. Flynn is checking on a specific problem, he may have your child fast for eight to 12 hours leading up to the blood draw. The doctor will be sure to let you know well in advance if your child needs to prepare in any way.